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- Meeting Space

Flexible and Elegant Puerto Rico Meeting Space


Located under the signature Perla seashell, presents a sweeping beachfront panorama without being exposed to the elements, with seven huge windows wrapped around its façade highlighting breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Easy access to the more casual Sereno Pool and Sereno Sand areas allows for complementary al fresco activities.

This highly versatile space evokes a hip industrial loft which can easily be transformed to satisfy your every need.
Its 8,500 sq. feet accommodate 550 persons in banquet seating mode, and more than 800 standing for cocktails. The space is ideal for team building activities, spectacular AV presentations, cocktail parties, awards ceremonies and banquets.

Dazzling exterior spotlights emphasize the structure’s impressive heft at night, and a colorful sculpture guards the entrance at the foot of the winding staircase that leads down to Atlantiko from behind the La Concha Lobby.

  • Mirador, U-Shape


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