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Biking in San Juan

With hundreds of miles of coastline and seven different ecosystems, biking through Puerto Rico is a true adventure. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or someone who bikes at leisure, this is the perfect spot to explore around La Concha resort in Puerto Rico. So strap on that helmet, plug in those headphones and let’s take a journey through the fabulous Condado area. We’re on route to show you some of the best spots to go biking in San Juan.

Biking on Paseo Piñones

Paseo Piñones is noted for being the place where the city just seems to fade away and you’re left with beautiful Puerto Rico beaches, mangroves, and stunning rock formations. It’s no surprise that this fabulous stop is perfect to cycle through. Experience scenic biking paths and a boardwalk along the coast through the Piñones State Forest; suited for the explorer that loves to be around locals and tourists alike. An adventure awaits as you glide down seven miles of this incredible boardwalk. A great perk from biking here is that you will be exposed to not only phenomenal views, but also the convenience of being able to quickly stop and grab street food and participate in local activities.

Bosque de Breas in Cerro Gordo

If you’re looking for a route that’s more adventurous, then Bosque de Breas in Cerro Gordo is the destination for you. You can bike around the beach perimeter and enjoy an open shoreline. Make sure to pack a snorkel so when you’re ready to cool off, you can dive into that crystal clear water and observe all of the exotic sea life. For the thrill-seekers reading this, have no fear, there are several rigorous trails to follow in the wooded section. Bosque de Breas allows you to wind down the coastline and pedal inland through the woodlands; two totally different sensations, wrapped into one unforgettable experience.

Rent the Bicycle

Want to enjoy the wonders Old San Juan? Would you like to learn and travel along with a knowledgeable tour guide? If you answered yes to either of these questions, “Rent the Bicycle” in San Juan is the perfect fit for you. Located in the Condado area. Rent the Bicycles offers all sorts of bike tours near your La Concha resort in Puerto Rico. Grab your family and friends, or join another group as a single rider, and ride to old historic sites around San Juan. The Condado area is sure to have everything you need while you’re rolling through. A one stop destination for shops, museums, fashion boutiques and food. The knowledgeable and energetic tour guide will answer all of your questions, while showing you the way to explore the old city and experience the local culture. They offer numerous tour packages so they can accommodate any time crunch you may be in.

Enjoy every aspect of beautiful Puerto Rico on two wheels. Pack your backpack and feel the wind in your hair, while you spend the day roaming through the city, beaches, and coastline. An excursion you’ll never forget is just a short ride away.