Spend the Holidays in Puerto Rico at La Concha Resort
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Celebrate the Holidays in Puerto Rico Like a Local

Spending Christmas in Puerto Rico can be known as a synonym for food and partying. Puerto Rico takes this season very seriously, especially with food and music. After all, the longest Christmas are celebrated here, starting after Thanksgiving Day, until late January with the San Sebastian Festival at Old San Juan.

When visiting, do as Puerto Ricans do and experience some unique traditions like a Chinchorreo tour during the day and Parrandas at night. A Chinchorreo consists of gathering on a bus with a group of family and friends and go bar hopping for eating, drinking, dancing, and authentic Puerto Rican fun. It is one of the best ways to enjoy all the different flavors of the Island in one whole experience. Learn some of the best Chinchorreo routes in Puerto Rico, and start planning!

While Parrandas happen close to midnight, or later, they are one of the oldest and most famous tradition. Locals gather for a surprise visit to friends, playing local holiday music, known as aguinaldos, at their doorstep, expecting drinks and food so they can get the party started inside. The surprised hosts then join the group, and go to another house surprising others, while the group keeps on growing.

pork christmas in puerto rico

Now let’s talk food!

Puerto Rican traditional food is to die for. From local fritters like alcapurrias and piononos, the lechón a la vara (roasted pork), morcilla, pasteles, and delicious tembleque or coquito to finish off with a sweet taste. At La Concha Resort you can enjoy these flavors, and more, at our Puerto Rican Lechonada on Christmas Eve, cause getting stuffed with delicious typical delights is how we wait for Santa. And it doesn’t matter if you have been naughty or nice, our Christmas Day Brunch at Delicias Restaurant, is exactly what you have been craving for.

New Year at La Concha Resort

Reflect on this year we bid adiós by starting your evening with our memorable New Year’s Eve Dinner. And later, ring in the New Year in Puerto Rico in the most iconic way at Stardust, our stardom celebration known by locals as one of the best in the Island. Don’t miss out and get your tickets before they run out!

christmas in puerto rico brunch

With your front row seat upon the warm sun and breezy ocean, what better way to start the New Year than sipping Mimosas at our New Year’s Day Brunch, or just enjoying some poolside cocktails while planning your next Caribbean adventure. Come play with us and Book your unique Christmas in Puerto Rico experience today at La Concha Resort.