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zip lining

Adventurous Activities in Puerto Rico

A vacation to Puerto Rico is the perfect opportunity to try something new and exciting, whether it be sampling the local cuisine or setting out for a daring adventure. Those looking to test their luck with a daredevil activity won’t have to venture far from their hotel. With opportunities for activities like parasailing, zip lining, and exploring natural caves, the area around San Juan is perfect for adventure of all types.

Zip lining

This high-speed, high-altitude adventure finds its perfect setting in the Puerto Rico rainforest. You’re guaranteed to get your heart pumping as you prepare to step off the platform, zip down the cable (attached in through a harness, of course) and fly through the canopy of trees. The thrill of speeding down the cable paired with the natural beauty of the rainforest will certainly take your breath away. Book your adventure at the Rainforest Zipline Park in El Yunque National Forest, with options for a zip line tour or an all-day package that includes zip lining and an excursion to further explore the rainforest.

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Soar high above the ocean and experience the beach from a whole new point of view on a parasailing adventure. Here’s how it works: from the beach you’ll hop into a speed boat and take a ride further out into the ocean. Then, you’ll strap into a harness that allows you to sit below the parasail wing. As soon as the boat speeds off, you’ll ascend into the air while the boat tows you along, wind whipping through your hair and a smile on your face. There are several outfitters close to your hotel in San Juan, such as Watersport 4U which takes guests flying 400 feet above Isla Verde beach.



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Cave Exploring

After flying high with parasailing and zip lining, explore Puerto Rico’s underground landscapes on a cave adventure. The Rio Camuy Cave Park features a system of over 200 caves complete with underground waterfalls and pools formed by the mighty Camuy River. The caves are certainly a must-see in Puerto Rico and well worth the drive from your hotel in San Juan. Take a tour with a company like Aventuras Tierra Adentro, where you will be guided with helmets, headlamps, life jackets and harnesses through the depths of these incredible caverns.

Make your Puerto Rico vacation a trip to remember by showing your adventurous side with these daredevil activities, all within reach from the La Concha Resort in San Juan.