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Guide to Solo Travel in Puerto Rico

Solo Travel in Puerto Rico

Times have changed, and keep changing, and looking for a travel partner is a thing of the past. Solo travel has been making its way for years as the preferred travel category. For some, it is an adventure added as an item on their bucket list, while for others it is their regular state of travel. It may be for pleasure, or for business, but it is more common every day. From the first instant of planning, it already feels like a different type of excitement than that of travelling with a group or with family.

You don’t need a group to have fun in Puerto Rico. Solo Travel does not mean to travel alone, it is a way of life, and how to take advantage of the best company you can have with yourself. With so many tools at our fingertips, like maps and translation apps, solo travel is now easier than ever, and Puerto Rico is one of the favorite destinations to explore. Travel is more and more integrated into the traveler’s daily lives. They are empowered and spontaneous travelers who are constantly searching for new adventures to explore. Hotels like La Concha Resort have this very present in their offerings for every type of traveler.


Benefits of traveling solo


Solo travel is driven by a desire to explore with more flexibility. Explore at your own pace, without scheduling your time around other people’s. The solo traveler creates their own route, and gets to know himself better.  and it will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. Meeting new people, learning new things, and just the desire to get away and disconnect for a while, are some of the top motivators for traveling solo.

The benefits of Solo Travel in Puerto Rico are numerous. The Island’s natural beauty, rich history, culinary delights, and year-round warm weather are some of the great reasons to visit. If you are looking to meet new people as part of your solo trip, Puerto Ricans are very warm and welcoming, it’s part of their culture to open up their arms to all our visitors! When you plan a solo trip in Puerto Rico, staying at La Concha Resort is the best option, thanks to its perfect location, and one-of-a-kind amenities.

Stay at La Concha 


La Concha is the place to be night and day. A latino-chic playground located in the heart of Condado, with the most iconic amenities and events for tourists and locals. Therefore, we let you in on some of the best kept secrets for solo travelers to live it up at La Concha:


  • The Lobby Bar: Work by day and party at night at our Lobby Bar. A great spot if your trip is for business; and if you are feeling chatty, this is the place to be! Take a sip of our trendy cocktails on tap, grab a bite and relax while people-gazing with the ocean breeze.
  • Marena Bar: An adults-only private ocean-front bar; don’t be afraid to sit by the bar and just rosé all-day!
  • The Loft Beach Front: Brunch can easily be the best part of a vacation, at The Loft you can have All-Day brunch on Sundays. Some would never imagine eating alone, but for a solo traveler, there is nothing more peaceful. See you at brunch, buen provecho!
  • Culinary Workshops: With such an array of dining options at La Concha, take it up a notch and experience the Tasteful Discoveries workshops and learn how to make sushi or our traditional mofongo! Learning new skills is a great way to get to know yourself.
  • Casino del Mar: Test your luck at this 24/7 high-energy casino, like no other.
  • Fitness Center: No excuses here! Stick to your routine while taking in the incredible ocean view from our gym. There is no better way to find yourself while on a solo trip than with a Wine Yoga class at the beach. Sip and unwind with us!
  • Condado Beach: We are right in front! Grab your chair, a drink, and schedule some water sports with us – we are here to help you!
  • Uncover Adventures: Visit our Tour Desk and plan all your adventures in one place, from nature tours, to historic walks, and a must-stop at Casa Bacardí.
  • Hot Happenings: There is always something happening at La Concha! As a guest, you have exclusive access to the best nightlife in Condado.


Man drinking from coconut near pool solo travel in puerto rico

A solo trip to Puerto Rico could be either a weekend getaway, a much-deserved tropical break, a foodie escape, a rest & relaxation solo trip, or an event trip if you want to enjoy some of our local festivals or concerts. Here are more tips on what to do in Puerto Rico.


Within Walking Distance

Condado is one of the favorite neighborhoods for entertainment and nightlife in San Juan. Here, we list some other dining and entertainment options in Condado:

  • La Marqueta
  • José Enrique
  • Océano
  • Amare
  • STK San Juan
  • Condado Beach


Close by

  • La Placita
  • Viejo San Juan
  • Museo de Arte
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
  • Mall of San Juan

Solo Travel in Puerto Rico Safety Tips


Although Condado is a safe area, it’s a good idea to be cautious, just like you would in any other place you visit. To stay safe, always remember to watch your surroundings, and it is a good idea to share your itinerary with friends and family, check-in with them once in a while.

All solo travelers are always excited to return home with new memories to share with family and friends, a boost in confidence and they feel refreshed and satisfied, eager to get back again on the road! Undoubtedly, having a positive attitude is always key to successful solo travel.

Book your next solo trip with us and let us be part of your solo travel stories.