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Top 3 Haunted Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

The history of Puerto Rico goes back hundreds of years. With an old history, comes talk of ghost stories, orbs, and a long list of eerie legends. Want to creep through tunnels and test your chances of seeing something spooky along the way? These places are sure to get the hairs on your neck standing up straight, and are located right near your Puerto Rico resort. But beware, you’re in for a scare.

Castillo San Cristobal, a historic fort built in the 1780’s in San Juan, is the largest fort built by the Spaniards, and the main setting of one of Puerto Rico’s most well-known love tales; In the book Legends and Puerto Rico Traditions, written by historian, Cayetano Coll y Toste tells a story of secret love. The legend states that a young woman named Maria Dolores, whose father was the cities executioner, fell in love with a young wandering thief named Betancourt. I think you can tell where this love story is heading. Unfortunately for Maria, Betancourt was caught stealing and was executed by Maria’s father. Betancourt was left hanging in the gallows, where Maria later found him. Devastated by the sight of her deceased one true love, she decided to hang herself next to him. Later that day, Maria’s father came to dispose of Betancourt’s body and found his beloved daughter with him. It’s is said that Maria Dolores and Betancourt can be seen from time to time wandering around the area where they both met their final resting place.

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Featured on Ghost Hunters International and located in San Juan, Teatro Tapia is the oldest freestanding drama stage building that is still used within U.S. territory. It has since been the center for cultural life in the city, still holding plays, shows and concerts. With the vast number of visitors on a weekly basis, there have been numerous reportings of haunted happenings here. Visitors are said to have seen apparitions, employees have heard unknown footsteps and voices around the theater. Some have also said to have seen enormous loading dock doors eerily open and close. History states there was once a woman who fell to her death while performing at Teatro Tapia, and allegedly, she is seen to be wandering there and sounds of people singing on stage can be heard from time to time, yet, no one is ever there.

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Do you have goosebumps yet? El Morro is one of the oldest and most haunted spots in Puerto Rico. Built in the 1500’s, El Morro is a series of forts overlooking the San Juan Bay. This area is notorious for sightings of a spirit of a woman that chillingly glides along the ramparts, dressed in all white. Moans of fallen soldiers can be heard, and the ghosts of old prisoners have been seen hovering along the grounds of El Morro. These frequented grounds are a playground for the departed.

As you can tell Puerto Rico has a very interesting and rich past filled with urban legends, shadow people and tall tales of ghosts stories. By visiting our La Concha resort, you will not only be able to soak in the hot caribbean sun, but when the sun goes down, you can experience the supernatural sights of old San Juan. That’s only if you believe, of course.