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Kid friendly activities in Puerto Rico

Kid Friendly Activities in Puerto Rico.

For most vacationers, traveling with children means changing the entire itinerary for your trip. Here in Puerto Rico, that doesn’t have to be the case! There are tons of that exciting activities for all ages, that are always nearby our Puerto Rico resort. We know kids have many different interests so we’ve compiled a diverse list of activities that will not only be fun for all types of children, but will also be enjoyable for you.

Cabezas De San Juan Nature Reserve

Are you traveling with an adventurous child who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty? Would love for them learn something along the way? Well, then check out Cabezas De San Juan Nature Reserve. There’s much to discover for your the little one here. This small plot of land holds seven different coastal ecosystems. The main tour takes you on a trolley ride around the reserve that stops at different points of the journey to show you spectacular sights. Tour guides provide all the knowledge you’ll need to know about wildlife and ecosystem in the area. Most importantly, there are restaurants conveniently located across the street, serving up some of the best dishes in Puerto Rico, for when you work up an appetite.

Las Cascadas Waterpark

We know you’re heading to Puerto Rico for the tropical weather. If your kiddos get bored easily and don’t want to spend the day at another gorgeous beach (I know, right?), check out Las Cascadas Waterpark. The largest waterpark in the Caribbean is sure to have something for each of you. Relax and let the kids hit the water slides while you enjoy poolside views and take a calming lazy lake ride. There are plenty of lifeguards and a designated kiddie section to keep your thoughts at ease. Give yourself a mini vacation from your hectic family vacation, and don’t forget the sunscreen!  

Campo Rico Ziplining

Surprise the family and head up into the trees for the day with Campo Rico Ziplining, located right outside gorgeous San Juan. A whopping seven ziplines and suspended bridges make way for a family bonding activity like no other. Have a blast swinging through the trees in this tropical location. The trail ends conveniently right outside of Mojito Bar, where you can refuel on your *included* meal, or grab a cocktail after your accomplished day!

Give your family a true sense of Caribbean adventure with the countless exhilarating activities that Puerto Rico has to offer. After all, just because your kids are coming along on your San Juan vacation, doesn’t mean you need to have any less fun while you’re here!