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Live like a local in Puerto Rico

So, you’ve been dreaming about Puerto Rico, huh? Puerto Rico has some of the greatest beaches and most gorgeous resorts you could ever imagine around San Juan. Wouldn’t it be fun to step off the beaten path and head out to areas that are a little less populated, and completely packed with authentic Spanish culture? There are a few spots that Puerto Rico has done an excellent job of hiding away, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone. Put a map in your back pocket, pack that backpack with snacks and water, and discover Puerto Rico.

Ruta Panorámica

What we’re about to tell you, you must promise to tell no one. ‘Living like a local’ means experiencing Ruta Panorámica (Panama Route), a scenic road that winds through Puerto Rico from east to west. People gather every Saturday and Sunday to walk the sections of the island. If you are short on time, you can drive sections of the route and get to explore the three-day route that is studded with small villages and farms. Wake up early, and spend the day driving through rural towns, breath-taking mountains, and authentic Spanish restaurants that will make your taste buds say ¡Oh Dios mío!

Cerro Gordo

Beach crowds just not for you? The clear waters of Cerro Gordo have it all. Not only is Cerro Gordo a national park, it’s also a public beach. Spend the day surfing, grilling and barbecuing, camping, or dancing with the locals. One of the best spots at Cerro Gordo is in the beautiful ocean. Take out your snorkel and have a blast swimming next to natural rock formations and catch a glimpse of some colorful fish. Cerro Gordo is a great spot to immerse yourself in everything Puerto Rico has to offer.

Graffiti Walk

Looking to check out some amazing artwork under the Caribbean sun? Take a stroll around the district of Santurce. Great graffiti walls are tucked away everywhere. Wander through old abandoned buildings and check out murals by the locals and renowned artists. Learn a little more about the culture from the local’s perspective. You’ll bring back some beautiful memories and mesmerizing photographs.

Living like a local in Puerto Rico will allow you to wander on scenic roads, socialize with the friendly and fun locals, and view the masterpieces. You’ll take memories home with you,  but also the chance to let your friends and family know just how incredible Puerto Rico truly is.