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Puerto Rico Spots

If you take anything away from this article, it’s that here, in Puerto Rico, we’re all about adventure. It could be an activity as simple as laying under the Caribbean sun listening to the crystal-clear waters crashing ashore—to a one-of-a-kind kayak ride around a bioluminescent bay. Nothing is off the table when you with visit us. If you love adventure, new experiences and traveling then come with us. We’ll show you locations that will make you pull up your travel app and book your ticket right now.

Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay

So, you’ve been asking yourself “what makes Puerto Rico so special?” A trip to the Bioluminescent Bay can answer that. With only seven bioluminescent bays in the world, it’s a natural marvel. Prepare to have your jaw-dropped as you take a sunset kayak ride to see the water beneath you light up and glisten with the plankton and microorganisms lighting up the waters. The stars are equally as breathtaking lighting up the skies; you won’t know which one to pay attention to. This is something you truly must see to believe in Puerto Rico because photos just simply cannot do it justice.

El Morro Fort

This wonder dates back to the 16th century. A fort built entirely by the hands of the Spaniards of San Juan. Back then; its purpose was just as grand as its beauty, guarding the entrance of the San Juan bay and protecting the people of Puerto Rico from any and all seaborne enemies. El Morro, which is made of up six levels, will leave you feeling as if you’ve fallen back in time with every step you take. Various ramps and staircases weave throughout the historic insides of this four-hundred-year-old fort. El Morro’s underground chambers as well as its vaulted rooms are also just a few highlighted features to explore. Make sure to cross this adventure off your bucket list, because a trip to Puerto Rico without exploring El Morro is an opportunity missed.

Sea Trek in San Juan

Take a stroll along the ocean’s vast floor with absolutely no SCUBA diving or snorkeling experience necessary. Don’t worry though; trained professionals will accompany you along the way. This unusual ocean excursion will allow to gaze at starfish, swim with the seahorses and hangout underwater to experience all the marine life San Juan has to offer—all without even getting your hair wet. See in crystal clear view just how amazing the world is underwater.

Is your travel app up yet? Hopefully now you have a taste of what you can do when visiting Puerto Rico. Take a sea trek underwater in the morning, visit the four-hundred-year-old fort in the afternoon, and kayak in the bioluminescent bay at night. That’s only one day in Puerto Rico. Imagine what you could do in a one week.