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Holidays at Puerto Rico

Spending the Holidays in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is famously known for celebrating the longest holidays in the world. We don’t disagree at all! The Puerto Rican Christmas culture includes parties, traditional food, coquito, pitorro, parrandas, and more! Holidays in Puerto Rico starts on November after Thanksgiving Day ending with Las Octavitas and San Sebastián Festival at the end of January. Between parties and parrandas the best holidays are definitely spent in Puerto Rico – this is confirmed by the thousands of tourists who travel to the island just to spend the holidays.

holiday partying in puerto rico

Parrandas are a tradition in Puerto Rico, it’s a musical party brought to someone’s house after midnight, usually surprising them while they’re sleeping. Friends gather around by midnight to drive to other friend’s houses singing ‘aguinaldos’ (Puerto Rican Christmas carols) while playing different instruments. The parranda is a gift of music, which grows house after house until wee hours of the morning, finishing with an ‘asopao de pollo’, a traditional rice-based chicken soup served at the last house visited.

The main holiday meal in Puerto Rico is normally roast pork (lechón asao’), which is often cooked on a stick, served with rice, pigeon peas, and pasteles, a dough made from mashed green plantains or cassava, filled with meat or chicken and wrapped and cooked in banana leaves. Cooking lechón asao’ can take hours and starts early in the morning. For dessert, there’s usually the traditional arroz con dulce (similar to a rice pudding) or tembleque (a custard made of coconut milk and cinnamon). Also, coquito and pitorro shots can’t be left out from holiday parties. Coquito is a coconut-based alcoholic beverage similar to an eggnog, while pitorro… well, let’s say it’s a Puerto Rican moonshine; it is often homemade, and is usually much stronger than commercial rum, but definitely part of the traditional Puerto Rican holiday celebrations.

Delicias Christmas Brunch at La Concha

You can enjoy a delicious Puerto Rican Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas brunch at Delicias Restaurant on Christmas Day. Then, on the 31st, you can reminisce the ending year with a NYE Dinner buffet. Finish the night – and year – dancing the night away at our iconic NYE 2017 Party all around La Concha: at Sereno, Solera and lobby bar. With full attendance of guests and locals, this is the most popular countdown to the upcoming year in Puerto Rico, so don’t miss out and get your tickets as soon as you check in!

If visiting Puerto Rico is now tempting you, acknowledge it and come warm up by the shell at our San Juan resort. Whichever your mood, relaxing or partying (or both!), Puerto Rico is the perfect destination. Relax with a massage at the Spa, blow some steam at the Fitness Center, have some cocktails by the pool, sunbathe at the beach, take a road trip to the mountains, and go partying by night. At La Concha, we make the most out of every moment, with onsite live music performances, culinary demos, performance arts… there is something new and unusual with each and every stay!