Standing Tall: An Update from La Concha - La Concha
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Standing Tall: An Update from La Concha

We are grateful for the outpouring of concern, prayers and well wishes we have received in the past couple of days for our property, staff and island. Thankfully, all our staff and guests during this event are safe.

We continue to provide service to current guests and government agencies, that are helping our island to get back on its feet.

Even though our hotel sustained some damages, the restoration has already begun. We feel positive that our hotel will be fully operational by Dec. 1 and that the rest of the island might do so as well. Nevertheless, we understand and respect the wishes of those guests who are booked for the next 60 days, should they feel their plans could change.

For any special inquiries please contact us at or

Our entire staff is committed to continue providing the same soulful hospitality La Concha Resort is known for: Play, Live, Be Iconic.

The resiliency of Puerto Rico has been put to the test. We accept the challenge head on, with our heart and soul, for we will be The Island of Enchantment once again!


Mike Rivera
Hotel Manager
La Concha Resort

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