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relaxing at caja de muerto, puerto rico

Top 5 Puerto Rico Beaches & Cays to Visit

Puerto Rico has gorgeous sandy beach cays all around the island. When visiting La Concha Resort, you should make sure to take a trip to at least one of the most beautiful cays in the Caribbean. A cay (also spelled key) is a small, mini island, usually sandy, situated on a coral reef platform. Such islands are commonly referred to as keys and Puerto Rico is surrounded by these beautiful white sand cays. Keep in mind that these beaches can only be accessed by a boat.

We’ve drilled down our top 5 cays to visit in Puerto Rico:

  • Cayo Icacos
  • Palominito
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • Caja de Muerto
  • Cayo Caracoles

cayo icacos, puerto rico

Cayo Icacos:
This mini island is located near Fajardo, in Puerto Rico’s east coast. Its white sand beach and clear water makes it very popular among locals, divers and people who like to snorkel, as it’s surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. There are many catamaran trips offered from Fajardo to Icacos, that include food and open bar. Some of these trips can be booked privately for your group or you can schedule an open trip with other passengers. There are also water taxis located in Las Croabas, that will take you to Icacos for a $20 – $25 fee per person, roundtrip. Icacos doesn’t have restroom nor gazebo areas and it’s highly recommended to bring umbrellas as there are almost no areas to hide from the sun.

Palominito is one of the smallest mini cay islands, located in the east coast of Puerto Rico. It’s off the shore of a larger mini island called Palomino. Palominito is a piece of paradise, with virgin blue water and white sand. This beach treasure, as many like to call, was featured in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Sadly, it’s been predicted that the island will soon disappear because of the natural coastal erosion. To get here, you can take a water taxi from Las Croabas in Fajardo or book a tour that takes you to various cays including a stop at Palominito. It sure is a paradise island not to be missed!

Gilligan’s Island:
Also known as Cayo Aurora, is located on Puerto Rico’s south coast, in the town of Guánica. You can get to Gilligan’s through a private boat that the nearby restaurant offers. The fee is around $7 per person, rountrip. The island has 10 ft. deep canals and shallow beach shore where you can relax and have fun with friends or family. It also has restrooms and gazebos for your convenience!

Cayo Caracoles:
This cay is a natural pool with crystal clear water, white sands, an impressive marine life and two canals. Located on Puerto Rico’s southwest coast, in a famous area known as La Parguera in Lajas town, Cayo Caracoles is one of the local’s favorite cays in the area. You can find tours and water sports; for transportation there are a few water taxis for around $10 fee per person, roundtrip.

Caja de Muerto:
Caja de Muerto is a natural reserve beach protected by the Natural Resources Department. To visit the island, you must take the Island Ventures ferry that leaves from La Guancha in Ponce (south of Puerto Rico) at 8:30 AM returning at 3:30 PM. Once in the island, there are kayaks, paddle board, chairs and beach umbrellas rentals are available for a day full of fun and adventure. Caja de Muerto has a lighthouse and a museum, where you can know more about the flora, fauna and marine life that inhabits the island as well as sea turtles (Tinglar and Carey), endangered species that visit the island. It also has other amenities like mini gazebos and restrooms for visitors. They currently offer a $70 deluxe ticket, which includes food and beverages; it’s highly recommended to book in advance.

Snorkeling at palominito

As you can see, most of these cays have relaxed or fun tours with activities offered from the main island, as well as catamaran trips or water taxis. When visiting Puerto Rico, make sure to go farther away and visit one of the many beautiful cays Puerto Rico has. So worth the trip! After arriving back to La Concha Resort, relax by the pool with one of the creative cocktails from the Lobby bar.