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Uncover Adventures – Tours in Puerto Rico

Tours in Puerto Rico

We are all craving for sun, relaxation, and some outdoor adventures. Puerto Rico is an ideal destination to flirt with discovery and create once in a lifetime experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you are seeking thrills, relaxing walks, or water adventures, there is an option for you.

Even if you are visiting for a weekend or more than a week, a vacation in Puerto Rico offers attractions all over the island. No matter the type of experience you are craving for, by land or water, the Tour Desk at La Concha has you covered with this list of top recommended tours in Puerto Rico to ensure that you won’t miss a thing while you are here:

Explore the Rainforest

Experience a true connection with untouched nature in guided tours around El Yunque Rainforest. Some of the available tours are:

  • ATV Adventures: Feel the thrill of exhilarating ATV rides through the foothills of El Yunque National Forest. During the course of one or two-hour long ATV rides, you can witness the spectacular scenery of Puerto Rico’s east coast.
  • Rainforest hiking: Be one with nature with one of a kind hikes through the rainforest. Be on the lookout for new flora and fauna you can spot along the way.
  • Zip Line Thrill: Don’t want to walk? Choose to fly across El Yunque! Enjoy aerial views, beautiful hiking trails and get your adrenaline pumping with 11 zip lines and 2 rappels.
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ATV Adventure, Hacienda Carabali, Rio Grande

If you have your own transportation, you can plan the roadtrip and explore El Yunque at your own pace and find inner peace with scenic views, and bathing in the tropical waterfalls. El Yunque Rainforest is the only tropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. Guided tours are not available at the moment, and reservations are required, you can get your tickets here.

Ancient Cave Tour

If you are craving more nature tours, this full-day trip takes you to Las Cabachuelas de Morovis, a network of caves in the heart of the island’s northern region. You will have special and guided access to protected caves, with findings like petroglyphs and unique creatures. You won’t want to miss this during your vacation in Puerto Rico!

Bioluminescent Bays

There are only five bioluminescent bays in the world, and Puerto Rico is home to three of them. Don’t miss your chance to live this unrepeatable experience and get to really appreciate this unique phenomenon and see this enchanted glowing bay. Fajardo Bio Bay located at the east of the island, and if you are heading southwest, visit the Bio Bay at La Parguera in Lajas.

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Smooth Waters

Sail away through tropical waters with relaxing and fun-filled excursions. Sail across history, discover secluded islands, or just enjoy a full beach day in an exclusive catamaran ride for you or your group. Or you can enjoy a full-day of sailing with a five-star crew across the San Juan bay, and take in the views with a private sunset sail.

If you are looking for not-so-smooth waters, but would also like to learn about our history, nothing beats being your own captain on a Jet Ski breathtaking tour experience. Go full throttle with this unforgettable guided journey through pristine waters while taking in the historic and beautiful Old San Juan sites, like El Morro Fortress.

Walking Tours

You can also learn about our rich heritage while strolling the historic streets of Old San Juan. We can help you set up guided walking tours through the famous cobblestone streets, where you can learn about our culture, history, and emblematic architecture. You will also want to experience Walk and Taste tours where you can taste your way through Puerto Rico in this foodie adventure and learning about the different cultures which influence Puerto Rico’s cuisine.

El Morro, San Juan, Puerto RIco

While staying at La Concha during your vacation in Puerto Rico, you will always be wowed with every detail. Contact our Tour Desk to help you uncover adventures and explore some of Puerto Rico’s hidden and not so hidden treasures.