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wine yoga class at la concha

Wine, Yoga and Unwind

It’s time for a mindfulness break! Do the words wine & yoga seem like a perfect pairing to you? You can now have them paired up on our wine yoga classes in San Juan at La Concha Resort. Enjoy the benefits of a grounding yoga session combined with a complete Zen-sory experience. Indulge your Zen-ses with a glass of wine to take a mindful break and unwind from your routine. The dynamic combination of yoga asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and wine tasting will guide your body to follow its own balance and release.

What to expect from our Wine Yoga Experience:

  • The class will use the Zen-suous qualities of wine to heighten our senses (smell, touch, taste, vision).
  • Wine tasting will be guided with a mindful approach to stimulate your body to tune into balance.
  • Breathing awareness and body release will be inspired through Hatha yoga postures and stretching techniques.
  • Modifications and techniques will be offered to make a fulfilling wellness practice accessible to everyone. No previous yoga experience required.
  • La Concha Resort will lend for use during class: yoga mats, support equipment and yoga bolsters (cushions).

wine yoga at la concha resort

Details of our Wine Yoga Class:

Thursdays at 6PM and Saturdays at 5PM, beginning February 2018
Minimum guest participants per class: 5
Duration: 60 min
Cost: $25.00
Meeting Spot for Class: Fitness Center
Class Venue: The instructor will conduct attendees to class venue after meeting with them at the Fitness Center.
Note: This class may be customized as a private class and/or for groups upon request. Wine may be substituted for a non-alcoholic juice. For guests only.

Take time out of your regular routine to provide yourself with some soothing self-care in order to prevent burnout, promote a refreshed approach to work and even heighten your senses in other aspects of life. When we take time out of our busy schedules to focus on the senses we often take for granted, we enable ourselves to reap the benefits of some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

Make your reservations or contact us for more information at , or ask on Front Desk about our Yoga Wine Class.