At La Concha we make the most out of every moment. Guests can have access to exclusive evening experiences including onsite live music performances, culinary demos, performance art, so they discover something new and unusual with each and every stay.

House DJ Jorge Salgado

Open Format DJ. Enjoy music from the Top 40, Dance, Latin, and Hip Hop.

Wednesdays | 8 PM - 11 PM

Venue: Lobby Bar


Jungle Hooligans

They play fusions within the line of jazz, afro-beats, bomb and electronic elements, some songs are instrumental and others sung. Her proposal composed of girls composed of piano, tenor saxophone and percussion make people enthusiastic about the melodies they create.

Friday October 5 | 8-10pm

DJ Leo

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin, Hip

Friday October 5 | 11pm-3am

Almas Band

Almas Band was born in New Orleans in 1999. They have proudly shared the stage in prestigious locations such as the House of Blues with many giants of the music world including Juanes, Carlos Vives, Enrique Bunbury and even the legendary Rubén Blades. In addition, they have collaborated with the Grammy winning composer and arranger, Cucco Peña.

Saturday October 6 | 8-10pm

Dj Dennis

Open Format DJ (Dance, house, Trans Hip

Saturday October 6 | 11pm-3am

Kairos Harmony

Trio with acoustic concept, playing the best hits in Spanish and English in a pleasant style in the ear

Friday October 12 | 8-10pm

DJ Nelson

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin, Hip Hop)

Friday October 12 | 11pm-3am

Fernando Madera

Through his artistic career, Madera has allowed himself to cross the borders of genres and musical spaces. His most recent disc entitled "A blue perspective" is aligned with the constant process of change. Musical expressions such as funk, bolero and blues are allowed to operate without restrictions before the capacities of this Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and guitarist, who, by respecting their structure, imbues them with a personal stamp, creating an unrepeatable concept with its own identity. Wood has the ability to dare, to propose and achieve it with great impact

Saturday October 13 | 8-10pm

DJ Rosalina

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin, Hip Hop)

Saturday October 13 | 11pm-3am

Sin Brujula

They are a perfect duo to play in lobby environments starting from the contemporary tropical genre, Sin Brujula integrating the technology produces an elaborate musicality that together with the harmonic and melodic skill provokes an organic and original sound

Friday October 19 | 8-10pm

DJ Yosue

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin, Hip Hop)

Friday October 19 | 11pm-3am

Joel Medina

Joel makes the songs, although known, sound different and refreshing. With this proposal you will be able to hear a song both English

Saturday October 20 | 8-10pm

Dj Dennis

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin, Hip Hop)

Saturday October 20 | 11pm-3am

Alex Croato

Contemporary popular Acoustic

Friday October 26 | 8-10pm

DJ Avi

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin)

Friday October 26 | 11pm-3am

DJ Davey

Open Format DJ (Top 40, Dance, Latin)

Wednesday October 31 | 8pm-12am