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Wellness Program

Recharge by the Beach with outdoor mindfulness sessions between 7:00am and 11:00am.
Dedicated on-site Wellness instructor, and Fitness Center amenities for hotel guests.

Fitness Center is open daily from 6:00am to 10:00pm, following safety and social distancing protocols.

Ocean Vibes 7:00am Session

Balanced & symmetric challenge between the flexibility and muscle resistance components of your workout. Inspiration from the functional daily moves in this session will compound with the benefits of breathing techniques for immune boost & stress release on the beach.

Poseidon Vibes 9:00am Session                            

BOOST MODE ON! Commanding our vibe as Poseidon commands the sea and creating waves as big as we can conquer. This structured-interval circuit will ground you to the sand & water at the beach. Functional training gadgets & moves will take advantage of sand resistance and support for a full body experience.

We want to extend to our guests the experience of wellness while on vacation, with a mix of programs that represent our creative and vibrant lifestyle aligned with a variety of sessions to embrace a healthy mind and body. 

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Ocean Vibes: 7:00am Poseidon Vibes: 9:00am



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